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Second Wednesday of each month at the London Bridge Resort King Arthur room at 4:00 pm. The public is invited. To see schedule, Click Here
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Is there a business plan?




Not for public distribution. The 3-8-09 draft is for review and critique only. For the complete draft document, contact the Foundation. To date, this project has consumed 1,400 hours and would have cost $630,000 with an [...]

Who are we and what are our objectives?

The nearly 3,000 member Havasu Foundation for Higher Education (HFHE) is an Arizona 501(c)3 non-profit IRS approved tax-exempt public service corporation formed in March 2004. Our primary mission and objective is to establish a comprehensive residential four-year university campus in our community, Lake Havasu City, Arizona (City).

The preferred public university partner for the [...]

Is there a demand for higher education?

In late May 2004 the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) announced plans to restructure the university system to meet the growing demands for higher education from the expanding Arizona population. The Regents identified several issues that must be ad-dressed in the public university system of the future. Among those issues were;

Arizona’s projected [...]

Is there an economic development focus to this university project?

Definitely. We wish to improve economic development opportunities for our community and its citizens through a broad-based project. The expectations from such economic development include large increases of tax revenues that can be used to improve the City’s infrastructure and reduce the burden of the new $452 million sewer system on the residents and [...]

Where will the students come from?

One challenge for the HFHE plan is the small but growing population of Mohave County. We believe our town and county does have the population base to support a full campus of a university operation. Interestingly, Lake Havasu City now has a larger and faster growing population than Flagstaff.

So, how can NAU make [...]

Is there a market niche for the proposed campus?

Our vision projects a campus of 4,000 to 6,000 students within 15 to 20 years of initial operation, growing to the size of the NAU Flagstaff campus within 35 to 40 years.

Our initial goal of a 500 FTE enrollment with entering freshmen classes of 156 FTE students simply reflects the prudence of starting [...]

Will there be a market demand study?

On July 11, 2007, the Lake Havasu City Council approved several items related to the proposed university, including a Marketing Study to find out where potential students are and whether they will come to a university campus on Lake Havasu with all the amenities illustrated on Land Use Plan map:

Which geographic landscape would [...]

Where is the proposed campus site?

Our Foundation with the assistance of the City has identified a closed school site at the corner of Acoma and Swanson. HFHE has played a key role in identifying and helping secure this property.

(See land map on our website. See also, the PowerPoint presentation on land.)

All of these elements, taken together, present [...]

How much will it cost to master plan the campus? Who will pay for the master plan?

Several factors go into estimating the cost of the master plan. One might look to similar projects in our area such as SARA Park to get a rough idea of the work that goes into master planning. Much of the master planning work can be done by staff.

Moreover, the partnership already includes individuals [...]

What will the campus include?

Plans will certainly evolve as the partners continue to work together. One factor in the planning is the amount of usable acreage. Another is the overall goal of building an attractive multi-use campus that will serve the needs of the community for generations to come. While the university project is an economic enterprise, it [...]