General Membership Meeting

The Havasu Foundation for Higher Education will hold its second general membership meeting on Wednesday January 26.

"Anyone interested in higher education --or just in the state of education in our community-- is welcome to attend this meeting," according to President Floyd Hamilton."

Hamilton will update members and interested citizens on the progress of the group's effort to attract a four year university to Lake Havasu.

"We've been working with the City and with NAU on several ideas over the past few months. We want to let people know what's going on," Hamilton said.

The Havasu Foundation was organized in spring 2004, and held its first meeting last June. Over 200 individuals attended that event. Since then the HFHE has been recruiting members.

Havasu Foundation Membership Chair Connie Blevins said, "There are over 1300 members in the organization now, and we expect that number to go to 2000."

Harold Vangilder from the Sierra Vista Foundation will offer insights on the Sierra Vista experience in building University of Arizona South.

"Harold Vangilder spoke to the Havasu Foundation board in December," Hamilton said. "We were really inspired by what Harold had to tell us, and we thought our membership ought to hear what he has to say about getting a university in our town. So we have invited him back."

HFHE members and guests will also hear an update on the Arizona Board of Regents University Redesign project.

HFHE board member Bill Ullery and the Foundationís executive director Susan Youngdahl are among four Lake Havasu residents on stakeholder committees that will review and comment on the Regents redesign proposal.

Havasu Foundation Board member Jo Navaretta, who is also on the LHUSD board, commented, "There is so much going on regarding education in our community right now, from the K-12 override to the university project. It all fits together. To get a university, we need a strong K-12 system, and having a university will contribute to strengthening the K-12 schools."

The Havasu Foundation meeting will start at 6:00 p.m. at the Realtors' Association, 2293 Swanson Avenue (above Acoma). The meeting is open to the public. Further information is available by calling the Havasu Foundation office at 505-2757 or logging on to

Message from a Member: Regan Ross

"Hello. I'm Regan Ross. Lake Havasu City is my home town. I grew up here, and after I graduated from ASU, I came back to work in the family business.

As a recent college graduate, I know how valuable higher education is. That's why I'm am member of the Havasu Foundation for Higher Education. I believe that a four-year college in our town will open doors to a brighter future for the next generation of Havasu's business leaders.

Join me. Contribute to the Havasu Foundation's mission with your time, your voice, and your financial support."

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