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Havasu Foundation
P.O. Box 1201
Lake Havasu City, Az 86405
[email protected]
Contact phones can be found on the Director's page.

Board Meetings

Second Wednesday of each month at the London Bridge Resort King Arthur room at 4:00 pm. The public is invited. To see schedule, Click Here
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Major Donors


Couple’s donation pushes group well past target for Havasu campus. Two reasons Havasu met fundraising goal.
Today’s News-Herald,  Friday, September 2, 2011 (Click on link for article.)

Mr & Mrs James SantiagoThe initial goal was $2 million for campus renovations and start-up costs. We raised those funds in 5 months.

With the opening of the campus next August 2012, we now face an even bigger challenge. We’ll need $1 million a year for student scholarships.

In a period of economic crisis, there are no public funds available to finance a new campus anywhere. We therefore face the unusual challenge of opening a new public university campus without a dime of public money. It must be financed by private donations from individuals, organizations, and businesses.

ASU @ Lake Havasu may well be the only new university campus in this entire nation in this decade. So, this is your opportunity to give within your ability and your commitment to be a part of something special.

 We need your help! 

PED donation presented at the HFHE Annual Meeting and celebration March 23, 2011


John C. Hughes donation presented at the HFHE Annual Meeting and celebration March 23, 2011

Your Name and Your Photo

Your Name and Your Photo


Be a leader…invest in your future and in the future of our town.

HFHE offers a unique opportunity for one $500,000 donor and one very exceptional $1,000,000 donor.

You can be at the center of a singularly impressive dinner with Lake Havasu community leaders and ASU officials for a unique presentation and recognition ceremony to be held in the near future.

Click to see; Donor Bill of Rights in the Good Governance Report

Scholarship Fundraising Committee

Jerry Ernst, Chair; 928-854-3000 or  

Nancy Iannone, Pres Elect; 928-486-4046 or

Barb Johnson; 928-230-9142 or 

Ross Johnson; 928-854-3000 or 

Steve Gilbert; 928-302-5122 or

Dr. Jane Tawney; 928-764-1513 or

Floyd Hamilton 928-855-2434  or  

Vickie Gwynn

Dale Bailey, Interim Executive Director; or

 To reach members of the HFHE board of directors, go to