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Havasu Foundation
P.O. Box 1201

Contact phones can be found on the Director's page.

Board Meetings

Second Wednesday of each month at the London Bridge Resort King Arthur room at 4:00 pm. The public is invited. To see schedule, Click Here
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Payroll Deduction Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my employer have to give permission for me to make a payroll deduction?

Yes – If your employer is not familiar with the plan, let us know and we’ll see if we can contact them for a meeting.

My employer has not approved the program. Am I allowed to make a payroll deduction on my own?

No, but you may make a contribution directly to HFHE. Contact Nello Ruscitti at  727-4858 or Jo Navaretta at 486-6920 for more information.

Is there a minimum number of employees needed to sign up to offer this at a business?


What is the minimum/maximum donation through payroll deductions?

No minimum or maximum, based on individual.

Once a business owner starts the process, how quickly is it set up? How quickly can it end?

It can be set up immediately, just depends on how quickly the employer gets it taken care of with their bookkeeper, payroll service, etc.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

Yes, to the amount permitted by law. You should contact your own tax advisor for further information.

Will I receive a receipt or some form of verification for my contribution from HFHE?

Yes, HFHE will provide you and your employer with receipts for your contributions.

I would like to have a presentation made to my employees. Who do I contact?

Call Lisa Krueger at the Chamber of Commerce, 855-4115, or send her email to .

I am interested as a business owner in matching my employee’s contributions. Who should I contact for details?

Andrew Campbell, NSC CPA’s, 453-2290.

What organization is responsible for this program?

The Havasu Foundation for Higher Education.

How long will this program last?

It will last until HFHE terminates the program. All participating businesses will be given 30 days notice.


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Payroll deductions

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Scholarship Fundraising Committee

Jerry Ernst, Chair; 928-854-3000 or  

Nancy Iannone, Pres Elect; 928-486-4046 or

Barb Johnson; 928-230-9142 or 

Ross Johnson; 928-854-3000 or 

Dr. Jane Tawney; 928-764-1513 or

Floyd Hamilton 928-855-2434  or  

Vickie Gwynn

Dale Bailey, Interim Executive Director; or

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