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Second Wednesday of each month at the London Bridge Resort King Arthur room at 4:00 pm. The public is invited. To see schedule, Click Here
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The President’s Circle

Every university foundation numbers within its community, a unique group of donors and friends whose interest in and commitment to the mission is extraordinary and whose generosity is remarkable.

That mission for HFHE is to develop a comprehensive residential university in Lake Havasu City.

To formally recognize some of our most generous donors and friends, your Foundation established the President’s Circle, and it has become the flagship of the HFHE donor program.

The President’s Circle is organized with the underlying conviction that the ability of HFHE to fulfill its mission is greatly enhanced by the philanthropic participation of donors and friends. Accordingly, the objectives of the President’s Circle are:

  • To establish a group of individuals whose assistance and counsel can be readily sought by the President and the Board of Directors.
  • To stimulate the active participation of donors and friends in serving our community through close association with the President, Board and staff.
  • To further the scholarship program of the Foundation for ASU-Lake Havasu students.
  • To provide an exemplary pattern of generous annual giving to carry forward the critical fundraising and mission of HFHE.

HFHE now undertaking capital fundraising for new ASU campus . However, some membership funds received by HFHE are for operational support and to build an organization dedicated to fulfilling its mission, which is…to develop a comprehensive residential university in Lake Havasu City. So, with each contribution, please designate how it is to be applied.

This section of our website is on gifts that support the Foundation. Another section of this website tracks capital campaign giving.

Through their giving, President’s Circle members help HFHE attract other donors and supporters, enhance HFHE’s visibility, and ultimately, help fulfill HFHE’s mission.

Shown above are a few of the fifteen major donors (Founding, Platinum, and Gold levels, which are $1,000 and up). Left to right; Dr. Bill & Nancy Ullery, Ralph Tapscott for Mohave State Bank, Lori Doerfler for the Havasu Association of REALTORS, Scott & Kim Dahl, Gary Kellogg for the Partnership for Economic Development, Carolyn Bruce, and Betty Thornton. Not shown are: Havasu Foothill Estates–Ken & Jim Komick and Gary Oxley; Crown Jewels—Bill Weldon; Martha Bennett & Dean Barlow; Dick & Betty Ullery; Dr. Pam & Gary Meyers; Toni Maclssac; Marie Meahl; Mary Carol O’Malley.


President’s Circle Membership Benefits

Membership provides a means for the interchange of ideas and for contact between those who support our mission in varied ways, with our President and Board.

For example, periodic gatherings are held in a flexible format of no-host morning coffees, light lunches, and after-work socials. These occur every few months depending on the topics to be addressed. Discussions center on issues of vital importance to our town that affect the university project.

The next gathering will focus on funding problems faced by the Arizona State University for the proposed new campus at the former Daytona school site. This is a critical mass of interconnected and interrelated projects that collectively will have an unprecedented impact on the economy, culture, and the very identity of our town.

Other benefits of the President’s Circle include:

  • Membership in HFHE.
  • Special recognition on the HFHE website.
  • Special meetings and social events to review progress and discuss developments with the President and the Board.
  • Annual meetings and events that celebrate the President’s Circle members.
  • Other special invitations and communications intended to give Circle members access to the President and the Board and news of HFHE activity.
  • Receipt of online communications and HFHE publications through our new Constant-Contact email software.

Each Circle member is invited to become involved in any phase of the HFHE activity that may be of personal interest. A conscientious effort will be made to afford appropriate opportunities when particular interests are expressed. All in support of HFHE’s primary mission, which is…to develop a comprehensive residential university in Lake Havasu City.


Give to HFHE (Capital campaign gifts are recorded on another section of our website)

Give to HFHE: Your gift can be put to work quickly by making a contribution via our website. The form is easy to complete on line. For security, simply mail a check to our postal box; HFHE, 735 Little Dr., Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406.

Questions or Suggestions: For further information, questions or suggestions, please contact us. Email or call the President, Executive Director, or any of our Board members. Simply check our website Board of Directors page for phone numbers and email addresses. Or, email the Executive Director   Or, call 928.453.2414 or toll free at 1.800.345.2414).


All gifts to the HFHE are tax deductible as provided by law.


HFHE Honor List for Dues and Gifts (other than for the capital fund)

2004 Through 2010

FOUNDING MEMBERS ($5,000 and up)


DBU HOMES; Dr. Bill & Nancy Ullery

SMD & Prudential R.E.H.; Scott & Kim Dahl

REALTOR’S Association of Lake Havasu

Mohave State Bank

Havasu Foothill Estates; Ken & Jim Komick, Gary Oxley

Partnership for Economic Development


PLATINUM ($2,500 to $4,999)


GOLD ($1,000 to $2,499)


Bruce, Carolyn

Thornton, Betty

Barlow & Bennett, Dean & Martha

Ullery, Dick & Betty

O’Malley, Mary Carol

Meahl, Marie

Today’s News-Herald, Mike Quinn

Maclsaac, Toni

Crown Jewels; Bill Weldon


SILVER ($100 to $999)


Meyers, Dr. Pam & Gary

Ross, Alex & Cinda

Nexsen, Mark & Eileen

Thomas, Richard & Noreen

Youngdahl, Ruth

Bashas Charitable Fund

KJJJ/KNTR; Steve Greeley

Tapscott, Ralph & Koena

Blevins, Connie & May

France, Gerald & Sharon

Borgen, S. & Lee

Malay, Gail

Mondschein, Elizabeth

Hamilton, Floyd & Amelia

Watterson, Tom & Angela

Navaretta, Jo

Toy, Keith & Linda

Lupu, Alexandria

Aldridge, Jerry & Cindy

Bradley, Barbara

Conroy, Glenn

Havasu Iron & Metal; Diana Flesner

George, Zane & Deloris

Hodel, Kathy

Kaffenberger, Richard

Lindtwed, C & Vicki

Morton & Root, Helen & Elizabeth

O’Connor, Margaret Ann

Rodriguez, Charlotte & Sharon

Schilling, Dennis

Tucker, Richard

Charlie & Amy Buttke


BRONZE ($25 to $99)


Nisnik & Wimberly, Nancy & Linnea

Gwynne, Vicki & P

Nyberg, Margaret

Gallagher, J

Ortiz, Thomas

Binder, Linda

Ernster, Tim

Johnson, Barb

Johnson, Buster

Johnson, Ross

Kalin, Gene & Diane

Kellison, Marcia

McAtlin, David

Mesquite Medical

Natural Tease, Inc.

Usinowicz, Stan

Sturtevant, Allan

Youngdahl, Susan

Long, Albert

Bartlett, Gordan

Gladwin, Martha

ABC Solutions

Barrow & Caringella, Margaret & Linda

Contla, S & Armando

Derrington/Jeffrey, Charlene

Echeverria, Nancie

Goodwin, Barbara

Josten, LaVohn

Kimble, Barbara

Koglin, Nancy

Landicho, Liezl & Maria

Longacre, Terry & Grace

Merrifield, Tuller & Jan

Mohave Community College

Reed, Dorothy

Riesdorph, Eugene & Linda

Stoepler, Constant & Janine

Tudor-Hayes, Mary Lou

Williamson, Mary

Anderson, Dick & Jenny

Pettit, Jack & Doris

Butler Communications; D & Sherry Butler

Creason, Jim & Pat

Dunham, Stephen & K

Ebach, Zelma

Gardner, Catherine

Heagle, Diana

Hill, Jim

Knowles, Ford

Lavelle, Thomas & Barbara

Morris, Margaret

Newman, Genevieve

O’Connell, Emmett

Parker, Robert & Cleo

Shutts, Lewis & Shelia

Smith, Gary & Joy

Smith, Roberta

Swenson, Jean

Vangilder, Harold & Carmelle

Wallace, Bruce & Lucy

People’s Best Value Realty; Eva White

Cheeseman, Robert & Susan

Sautner, Chris & Ginny


Havasu Foundation for Higher Education, Inc. is a not-for-profit entity with an IRS 50 l(c)(3) designation. Donations are deductible to the full extent of current IRS regulations. No goods or services were provided in exchange for this donation. The date of this letter reflects when we acknowledged your gift, and does not imply the date your gift was made. The date you delivered or mailed your donation are generally   recognized as the gift date. You should consult with your tax advisor to determine the tax benefits of your donation. The determination of the contribution date and the value of the gift (within IRS regulations) is entirely your decision. HFHE may be several years away from capital fundraising for buildings and grounds. All funds currently being received by HFHE are for operational support only and designed primarily in building a foundation dedicated to fulfilling its mission. This information is included on our website as well as a list of all donors by level of giving.sibility, and ultimately, help fulfill HFHE’s mission.